Getting Started

Gympal is developed using state of the art technologies to bring you the best experience possible. We have tried our best to make our user interface as easy to use as possible. Should you find any difficulties using it, this guide will help you find your answers. To get started,

  1. Go to Gympal Application
  2. Register as a new user
  3. Confirm your email using the email we've sent you
  4. Login to your account.


To register with Gympal, Go to Register Page and follow instructions on screen. Registering process is protected by Google reCaptcha challenge, If you find any difficulties working with it, please visit reCaptcha Help Guide to find answers.


Go to Login Page and enter your Username (Your Email Address) and Password.

Reset Password

If you have trouble login in, try reseting your password through Password Reset Page. Once you have completed all the instructions, you will receive an email with the password reset link. Follow instructions in the received email to reset your password succesfully. 


You can view the summary of what's happening in your gym through the Dashboard. You'll be able to see overviews of 

  1. Total payments - Current Month and Comparison to Last Month)
  2. Total Members and New Members who joined in the current month
  3. Unpaid Members 
  4. Unhealthy Members

Additionally, you'll be able to view charts for Total Payments on the current month and ratios for unpaid/paid and healthy/unhealthy members.


With Messages feature you'll be able to send announcements to all members of your gym through the GymPal Members Mobile Application. Upon sending the message your members will instantly get the notification on their phone. 

To send a message,

  1. Type your desired message in the text box.
  2. Click on the 'Send' button. 

Member Management

Member Management is the primary feature of GymPal. You'll first need to add new members in order to use other features of GymPal.

Add Member

To add a new member,

  1. Go to Member Management
  2. Click on '+ Add Member' button 
  3. Follow on screen instructions and fill the form
  4. Click 'Save' button

Update Member

To update a member, 

  1. Go to Member Management
  2. Click on the member name to view their profile
  3. Click on 'Edit Profile' button
  4. Update the form
  5. Click 'Save' button

Delete Member

  1. Go to Member Management
  2. Click on the member name to view their profile
  3. Click 'About'
  4. Click on the red 'Delete Member' button
  5. Dialog box will appear asking confirmation, click 'Delete'

Member Profile

Member's Profile will give you an insight to what's happening with the selected member. From this page you'll be able to see 

  • Overall Health
  • Payment Status
  • Last Seen
  • Body Statistics and Progress
  • About Member
  • Individual Payments
  • Individual Attendance
  • Assigned Workouts
  • Credentials to GymPal Mobile Application

Import/Export Members

Bulk importing and exporting of members.


You can easily import multiple members to GymPal using our Import dialog. To import new set of members,

    1. Go to Member Managment
    2. Click 'Import' button
    3. Upload the .csv file 

If everything goes well, you'll see the success message.


To export the list of members, 

    1. Go to Member Management
    2. Click on EXPORT button.
    3. .csv file with all members will be downloaded to your computer.


GymPal lets you manage your members' attendance to monitor all visits to your gym. Upon registering attendance, if the member has not paid their fee, an automatic reminder will be fired instantly. (SMS and push notification)

Add Attendance

There are two ways to add attendance,

    • Manual Attendance Registering
      You can use manual attendance if your member does not use the GymPal Members Mobile Application. To use manual attendance,
      1. Go to Attendance Management
      2. Click on Mark Attendance
      3. Click on Manual tab
      4. Select the member to mark attendance
      5. Click OK
    • QR Code Attendance Registering
      To use QR code your member has to have GymPal Members Mobile Application installed and signed in. To use this feature,
      1. Go to Attendance Management
      2. Click on Mark Attendance
      3. Select the camera device
      4. Allow permission for GymPal to use the camera
      5. Point your member's QR code to the camera

Update Attendance

GymPal does not allow users to update attendance. You can simply delete the required attendance and add a new attendance.

Delete Attendance

To delete an attendance, simply click on the Trash Bin button and confirm deletion. 


Track all Payments received by your members and find out members who haven't paid.

Add Payment

To add a new payment,

    1. Go to Payment Management
    2. Click New Payment
    3. Select Member
    4. Enter Amount the member is paying
    5. Select the date to which the payment is valid for
    6. Enter any notes about the payment

Update Payment

GymPal does not let the user update payments for security reasons. But you can easily delete the misenterd payment and try adding it again.

Delete Payment

To delete a payment, simply click on the Trash Bin button and confirm deletion.

Payment Reminders

Payment Reminders are issued to unpaid members when they visit the gym and their attendance is registered.  


Workouts feature will let you manage your workouts in a paperless way. You can assign your workouts to any number of members and your members will have access to it through the GymPal Members Mobile Application.

Add Workout

To add a new workout,

    1. Go to Workouts
    2. Click New Workout
    3. Enter Name, Description
    4. Select the Members you want to assign the workout to
    5. Enter the exercises with their respective sets and reps
    6. Click on the Plus button to add more exercises and repeat Step 5
    7. Click Save button to save.

Assign Workout to Member

You can assign the workout to member using Member Profile and Workouts. In Workouts, click the Pencil button to edit the workout; then select the members you want to assign the workout to. 

Update Workout

You can easily update the workout by clicking on the Pencil button and then editing any changes. Click Save to save the new changes. You update will affect all members who are assigned to that workout.

Delete Workout

Click on Trash Bin button and then click confirm to delete a workout. By Deleting a workout you're also removing it from any members who are using it. 


GymPal Payments

We charge for the number of active members per month. With this feature you are able to check your Current Bill, Billing Date, Transaction History and Payment Options. To pay your bill click on the Pay Now button and follow on screen instructions.

Edit Profile Information

You can edit your profile information by clicking on this option. After editing click Save to save your new information.

Change Password

To change your current password, click Choose New Password option. Follow on screen instructions to change password successfully.


GymPal will send you notifications periodically about the things you should be aware about. These notifications will arrive at the Bell icon at the top left corner in the web application. You're advised to check your notifications so you want miss out any important announcements. To clear out notifications, simply press Clear All button.